LessAccounting is a suite of simple accounting workflows, automation helpers and simple reports. We're excited to show it to you.
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Step 1: What Size Business Are You?

For freelancers who spend less than $10,000 month.
Small Businesses
For businesses who spend less than $25,000 month.
Big Businesses
For businesses who spend less than $40,000 month.

Step 2: Need Bookkeeping Help?

We have a full bookkeeping staff (of real-life humans) who can handle expense categorization, bank reconcilations and setup your accounts for you as well.
Would you like to add the bookkeeping service for an additional $250 per month?

Psst. If your business spends less than $2,000 each month we can lower the additional fee to just $70/month. If this applies to your business, let us know during our first chat.

Step 3: Get Started

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